Corner Editor

This Photoshop script can do everything that the Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizer script can, and a lot more!

  • Round the corners of any polygonal shape
  • Multiple corner styles
  • Settings are saved to the Layer so they can be modified
  • Smooth multiple sub-paths in the same layer
  • Smooth only the selected sub-paths

As with the Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizer script, you can also

  • View the pixel radius of existing rounded rectangles
  • Edit multiple layers at once
  • Apply a different radius to each corner and/or subpath

I have a couple more ideas for another update. Let me know if there are any other options that would be useful.

Download “Corner Editor” script  (win/mac  CS5/CS6/CC)




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84 Responses to “Corner Editor”

  1. oscar Says:

    muy buenoooo. Si actualizara sin cerrar el panel, seria increible.

  2. Jeiji Says:

    This is going to make UI design so much more efficient.

  3. Boris Says:

    Great!!! thanks

  4. Ram Says:

    Wow .. Adobe must integrate this into the Photoshop CS7 !!

  5. Andrew Says:

    Very good idea. It’s really usefull. But it have some bugs. I can’t apply the script for already scripted objects. And sometimes the settings menu doesn’t showed.

    In waiting for updates..)

    Best regards, Andrew.

    • David Jensen Says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by “I can’t apply the script for already scripted objects.” What version of PHotoshop are you using?

      Is the script not showing up in the scripts menu? You can record an action and use the file->scripts->Browse… to run the script.

      • Ben Says:

        Andrew is right. You can’t run the script on an object you had already run the script on. It says error. So it means you have to delete the object and start over.

        • David Jensen Says:

          Which version of Photoshop are you using?
          I’m getting a bug with CC where I have to deselect then re-select a layer to run the script on it again. I can’t recreate the bug in CS6, though,

  6. darwyn4 (@darwyn4) Says:

    Neat. Thanks!

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  8. Sabih Mir (@sabihmir) Says:

    500 error!

  9. Josh Pigford (@Shpigford) Says:

    Great job! Would love this as an actual panel (like Character, Paragraph, Layers, Paths, etc).

  10. Max Says:

    Thanks a lot, this is really cool!

  11. Tom Says:

    I get an error trying to use this script.

    Error 25: Expected: ).
    Line: 884
    -> desc66.putString( idNm, “””CornerCount””” );

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  13. Tom Says:

    I’m using Photoshop CS3 and launching the script from Photoshop.

  14. Maxim Sholomov (@ipseeh) Says:

    Amazing! Very thanks.

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  16. Rakesh Krishnan Says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this excellent tool for free.

    I’m not able to selectively change the radius of sub-shapes. I run CS6 and I’ve selected the sub-shape with the path selection tool as instructed. Am I missing something here?

  17. Hani Hassan Says:

    TypeError: undefined is not an object
    How to use it? Can you please prepare a tutorial as well

    • David Jensen Says:

      What version of Photoshop do you have? This script doesn’t work with CS3 and earlier versions. I’m not sure about CS4, but I’ve tested that it works with CS5 and CS6.

      The script’s UI has a help button that brings up an explanation of the features. I would like to do a tutorial at some point, too.

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  19. Broen Westberg Says:

    David: You just saved me countless hours in Photoshop. I am wholeheartedly grateful.

  20. nathan Says:

    the best thing to arrive in Photoshop since “snap to pixel” many thanks

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  22. Alex Says:

    This is brilliant, thanks!

  23. carlos romero Says:

    hola, muchas gracias por el aporte, pero he intentado instalarla y no he podido, serias tan amable y explicar de nuevo por favor

  24. tonikeysToni Says:

    Doesn’t work with CS6 64bit. Just says “Error, no such element”. :(

  25. Sarah Says:

    Is there a possibility to involve your tool, the corner editor, through the Adobe Extension Manager?

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    […] Corner Editor представляет из себя маленький скрипт для Adobe Photoshop CS5/CS6 для более комфортной работы с закругленными углами элементов (Shapes). […]

  27. Alex Says:


    Question – what does “save original corners” actually do?

    Doesn’t seem to do anything.



    • David Jensen Says:

      If you run the script on a shape and use the third or fourth corner styles, there will be 2 or 3 times as many corner points as you started with.
      The “Save original Corners” setting determines how the script will work if it is run again with the same shape. (lets assume a rectangle)
      If the option was enabled, the script looks at the four original corners if you change the radius or corner style.
      If the option was disabled, the script is now looking at 8 or 12 corners. This can allow you to make more complex corners.

      I hope that makes sense. I should really make a tutorial or guide.

      • Collab Collective (@Code_Collective) Says:

        YES PLEASE, a Tutorial, Full step-by-step is what is missing here, and user’s like myself will be very grateful and I appreciate the time you have put into this and other PS Scripts.

        We are in the midst of launching our 1st BETA Project via our “Crowd-Sourced Development Collaborative” (one of 1st Human Funded ie. Crowd-Sourced Dev Initiatives in the World, with Members, Contributors & Wk-End Creators all willing to help to add 2 Portfolio’s, Get their % of finished Web Service/WebApp, Networking which leads 2 Freelance Work for almost everyone involved who wants the work – because being connected with a Non-Profit Dev Organization (Regged in 2 Countries so far, 2 to go).

        THIS SCRIPT has come in super-handy creating our Site’s Avatar for Social Media sites, Gravatar etc…. so thanks & looking forward 2 more coming soon.

        JAYiSM – Lead Project Manager @Code_Collective

  28. Alex Says:

    Hey David, that makes perfect sense – great explanation!

    All the best,


  29. Kiran (@onlykiran) Says:

    Thanks for this very useful add-on David.

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  31. Gaëtan Says:

    Very usefull ! Thank you.

  32. Lars Says:

    Nice work, but the labels doesn’t disappear after I delete the object when I show the guides.

  33. Maggie Says:

    This is honestly the coolest function for Photoshop ever, since we can’t edit the corners like we do in Illustrator. :) I use it at work now, although I did notice a slight bug. Say I applied the effect onto a rounded corner layer, if I wanted to do it again with a hotkey on the SAME layer, the Corner Editor window doesn’t pop up. Instead, it applies the last effect, without giving me the option to edit it in the window. I would have to go back to File > Scripts > Corner Editor to get the window opened again. Still super useful though! :D

    • David Jensen Says:

      The script itself has the option to reapply the previous settings if you hold down the Shift key when activating it.
      You can either remove shift from your keyboard shortcut, or remove a line in the script to fix it.

      Delete this line from the script:
      if (ScriptUI.environment.keyboardState.shiftKey) modifierKey = true;

  34. mbrinson Says:

    David – YOU FREAKING ROCK! Thank you so much for this AWESOME script.

  35. Alex Ander Says:

    Maan, you are a lifesaver! Thanks a million and keep up the great work!

  36. Tebbos Says:

    Using this script with Mountain Lion and CS6, It disables the Photoshop Application Menu after the corner edition. This happens when the script is used more than one time. Key Commands still works, so you can save your files. Photoshop needs restart.

    • Tebbos Says:

      The menu is disabled because the script raises modal box error that is hidden behind the photoshop application frame.

  37. moi Says:

    Great, very love it.

  38. Patrick Berkeley Says:

    This is awesome. Thank you! ;)

  39. Says:

    Genius, this. If Adobe finally does implement this, they better pay you. WTF, Adobe? Some of the SIMPLEST, most intuitive things just don’t get addressed. Mind boggling.

    Nice script, David. I’ve hated this PS quirk for the longest time.

  40. Francois Says:

    Hi I’m working on pc at the office with an old version of photoshop and it worked great.
    But at home I’m working on a mac and I have the latest version of photoshop CC. and It wont work.

    If I use my path as a vector mask on a layer.
    I get this message: Select one or more shape layers before running this script.
    But I did select my layer or my vector mask on my layer…

    I also tried to use it on a vector mask on a solid color.
    and it gave me this message: Error: General Photoshop error occurred. This functionality may not be available in this version of Photoshop.

    I just figured a way out to trick it, I can paste my work path on an original shape layer, when I select it in the path tab, after that I delete the original shape… and then script works…

    so I’m sure your understand if I tell you that I prefer the original approach.
    thank you

    • David Jensen Says:

      Sometime you can avoid the first error by selecting another layer then selecting the original layer again. I’ll look at the script soon to see if I can make it work better with CC. Thanks for the detailed bug report.

  41. Mr.Black Says:

    Hi David,

    Script is Great! But it has very annoying bug when window become inactive grey, you can’t see controls and it’s completely disabling any functions in photoshop (cause when you launch it override all controls until you close script window – so I can’t close that window).

    It’s require to relaunch Photoshop to get rid of that. I’m using Photoshop CC on Mac.

  42. Jon Says:

    Is there a way to round corners of any drawn Shape Path? I know Illustrator CC lets you edit the corner radius of points on a shape. But if I have a weird obtuse polygon or something, how would I easily be able to give the corners a uniform radius? Your script doesn’t seem to work for that.

    • David Jensen Says:

      It should be able to round the corners of any shape made of straight lines. It won’t round the corners where curved lines join, as I was unable to figure out the math for doing that.

      • Jon Says:

        For some reason, ever since I upgraded from CS6 to CC, it now says “Select one or more shape layers before running the script”. Maybe I’ll try redownloading the script.

      • Jon Says:

        Downloading and replacing the old file seemed to have fixed things. Cheers.

  43. Muray Says:

    It is impossible for me to download the script on the site. The download does not start. Even with the direct link or mirror, it does not work.
    Please … Is it that there is another site where I can download “corner editor”?
    Thank you very much to answer me.

  44. Muray Says:

    It’s beautiful … Thank you very much David! :)

  45. jonathan Says:

    I’m happy! Thanks!!! :D

    …by chance, you have a “offset editor”? :P

  46. Rana Islam Says:

    problem: why it happens all times (screenshot- )in ps cc .please review

  47. jac Says:

    Hi, it’s really useful for me. Thanks! But it doesn’t work on CC2015 / OSX Yosemite version. When I launch the script PS give me back an internal error on line 167. Could you give some help?

  48. Kevin Says:

    Hey David!

    Real cool script, used it a lot. Seems like it doesn’t work anymore with CC 2015. Is there a fix or a workaround?

  49. jac Says:

    works perfectly. Thanks!

  50. jugibur Says:

    Many thanks for this little gem!

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