Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizer

(Update: I’ve made a new corner rounding script with more features: Corner Editor)

This tool will allow you to edit the radius of a rounded rectangle after you’ve drawn it.

You can also:

  • Resize each corner’s radius independently.
  • Edit multiple layers at once.
  • View the pixel size of the radii of an existing rounded rectangle

Tip: Hide your interface with the tab key for faster performance.

Download Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizer script v1.2*



74 Responses to “Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizer”

  1. Florian Albrecht (@flo_muc) Says:

    Brilliant, thanks! May I suggest you add a Flattr button to your blog?

  2. daniel Says:

    This is wonderful, extraordinary, helpful, divine! You’re the best, thank you so much.

  3. Jack Nycz Says:

    How do you use this? Never used a Photoshop script before…

  4. Axel Bouaziz (@axelbouaziz) Says:

    Really, really great, many thanks !

  5. Dmitry Goloub Says:


  6. Avis Says:

    Didn’t work on 64bit CS5.1 :(

  7. Niclas Says:

    Great! Thanks so much.

  8. designsbyfriday Says:

    Just installed on CS5 Mac works Perfectly YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! :)

  9. Flo Says:


    Nothing more to say!

  10. Mario Says:

    Genius, what a relief! Thanks a lot!

  11. thomasaull Says:

    Thank you :)

  12. vegazvegaz (@vegazvegaz) Says:

    Hi! It works with Photoshop CS6?

  13. Katie Bogdanska Says:

    Thnx dude! Awesome!

  14. Max Says:

    Works great for most layers I’ve tried!

    Any idea why it throws an error with this one?

  15. Russell Bishop (@RussellBishop) Says:

    Is this compatible in Photoshop CS6? Can’t find that dialogue box..

    • David Jensen Says:

      If the dialog doesn’t show up, but the history state does, it means that no shape layers or layers with vector masks are selected. I should probably have an error message explaining this.
      …or there is some bug I am unaware of.

  16. Weylon Smith Says:

    Wow, this is life changing for Photoshop work. Thanks so much!

  17. ReXTaN Says:

    Works perfectly! Thank you!

  18. rukinpo Says:

    what a fantastic work

  19. blazhivskyi Says:

    Works perfect for CS6 x64 Win7!

    Q: How to launch it with less then 3 clicks? :)
    any hotkey?

  20. nustyle Says:

    Very cool! But I can’t see it in “Datei -> Skripten -> …” this this just possible in the english version “File -> Scripts -> …”????

    • David Jensen Says:

      It definitely works with several languages. If it doesn’t show up, you could always use the “browse” option at the bottom of the script menu. Record an action of selecting the script for easier access.

  21. Rounded rectangle radius resizer | Pixeldimensions | another dimension Says:

    […] Source: […]

  22. Shingo Kugaya Says:

    Very cool!

  23. Mario Encina (@m_encina) Says:

    Just AWESOME! Thank you so much!

  24. blazhivskyi Says:

    It would be awesome if this will work for “L-shapes”, “T-shapes” and other!

  25. Alexander Says:

    from time to time i got a error, cant really use it every time…
    Please HELP :)

    • David Jensen Says:

      Are you using the latest version? (1.2)
      Is there an error message? I need some more information to help you.

      • Alexander Says:

        This one, i tryed to start Photoshop as admin, no changes.
        Tryed it on CS5 extended and CS6, every time the same error. Sometimes, dont know how and why, i can start the script, but after using a while i got this error again.

  26. chieko Says:

    This is amazing!
    I work faster with this!

  27. Salman Abbas (@salmanapk) Says:

    Extremely useful. Thanks a lot!

  28. Stefan Says:

    THX for this! Your turn Adobe…

  29. Benny Chew (@Benzai_san) Says:

    Thanks a lot for this awesome script! Works fine on Mountain Lion Photoshop CS6.
    p.s. Can you do this too in Illustrator?

  30. lawgunsandfreedom Says:

    Yeeeehaw! Thanks a lot. Very, very useful!

  31. Photoshopで、本物の紙のような質感を表現する | Web Creator Clip Says:

    […] 角丸長方形ツールを選択。幅:439px、高さ:465px、丸み:85px、塗り:#eae8e7、ストローク:なし、の図形を作成。個別に角丸を設定できるPhotoshopスクリプトRounded Rectangle Radius Resizerをインストールします。(インストール方法は、下記、関連記事リンク先を参照)ファイル>スクリプト>Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizerを選択。右辺上下の角度を28と入力し、OKを押します。 […]

  32. The Ultimate Roundup of Design Tools Says:

    […] PSD script for adjusting rounded corners […]

  33. pasha Says:

    This is very useful ! many Thanks well done:)

  34. Khoa Says:

    Thanks for the script. It’s very useful!

    Just FYI, if you rotate the rectangle already, this script won’t work as it will create weird result. Rotating it back won’t help either, you have to create a new rectangle for the script to work.

    Other than that, it works perfectly!

    • David Jensen Says:

      Yes, I know. The RRRR script uses a fairly crude method to determine the properties of the selected rounded rectangle.

      My Corner Editor script uses a much more robust method and will work with rectangles that have been rotated. I’m not sure why I still have the RRRR script on my site when Corner Editor is better, but many people still download RRRR. Must be the name?

  35. cybercafetk Says:

    Thank you very much for the script

  36. julie Says:

    Thanks :)

  37. littleguy Says:

    Works great on CS6/Win8.

  38. TheUninvited Says:

    The tool is amazing but i have a question is there any way of having it as an option on photoshop cs6?

    I mean i dont wanna go over and over to browse for File-> Scripts ->Browse to choose the file

    I want to for example to be somewhere On the View Tab or In the Windows tab somewhere by default and i can click it from there without opening the external file over and over again.

  39. Philip Zamora Says:

    How on earth do you use this thing. I’ve followed the instructions on the notepad file entitled ‘readme’ and when I go to file-scripts-rounded_rectangle_radius_resizer, I’m not getting it to show up anywhere. What am I missing?

  40. MissMoon Says:

    On my Mac Book Pro + Photoshop C6 it does not seem to wanna work..

  41. Bob Says:

    Didn’t work and caused and error in my CS6. Any help?

  42. jdubbing Says:

    Thanks, worked like a charm! Appreciate you writing the script.

  43. Alex Says:

    I installed it, and it gave me an error message, saying script not supported!

  44. Patti Pike Says:

    Thank you so much. I was watching a tutorial on Photoshop by Deke Mc, and I wasn’t realizing that he was on Photoshop CC, while I’m using CS6, and was going bonkers trying to figure out the whole properties panel thing where supposedly I could adjust the corners. After wasting so much time, I searched and luckily was led to your solution. People like you are a great blessing to less learned people like me: )

  45. hiro Says:

    works on CS6/Mac OS X.

  46. Steve Says:

    Beautiful – Thanks

  47. geovani Says:

    Thanks… Such a big help…

  48. Interface Designer Userflow Says:

    Very nice, I can use this extension a lot in my interface design jobs.

  49. Raheel Says:

    Thanks – Perfectly working in CS6 64bit (Windows 7)

  50. Karffe Ofcourse Says:

    nice! i am very glad for this script!

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