Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizer

(Update: I’ve made a new corner rounding script with more features: Corner Editor)

This tool will allow you to edit the radius of a rounded rectangle after you’ve drawn it.

You can also:

  • Resize each corner’s radius independently.
  • Edit multiple layers at once.
  • View the pixel size of the radii of an existing rounded rectangle

Tip: Hide your interface with the tab key for faster performance.

Download Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizer script v1.2*


74 Responses to “Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizer”

  1. Corine Barbazanges Says:

    Thanks so much for this great script!! SO useful :)

  2. Jack Says:

    BRILLIANT!!!! Just want I needed! Thanks mate!

  3. Magnus Chirotti Says:

    does not work on Photoshop CS6 Mac under Yosmite build 10.10.3 – sad !

  4. Anatol Zaitsev Says:

    Thanks man, really useful!

  5. Kelly Williams Says:

    I’m using CS2 … ancient I know, but it’s on my work computer and they are too cheap to upgrade. I’m getting the following error:

    Error 24: docRef.suspendHistory is not a function.
    Line: 12 > docRef.suspendHistory(“Modify rounded rect” , “main()”);

    Any ideas or is my program just too old?

    Thank you!

  6. meg Says:

    so amazing! It’s working just as I wanted. :) great work. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  7. Pratik Malvi Says:

    Its Really helpfull… thnks buddy… :-)

  8. Barbara Petz-Kovács Says:

    I love it! Thankxxxx!

  9. Kenneth Johnson Says:

    Awesome! Now I can hold off on buying PSCC

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